Plaztek Storage Nets attach to Boat Tackle Cabinets
Plaztek heavy duty black Storage Nets for soft plastic lures, leader spools and all sorts of ziplock bag storage. Size 200mm high x 300mm wide
Boat Tackle Storage Nets from Plaztek

Storage Nets | Large

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This nylon double layer storage net is a handy accessory to have to stow your spools of fluorocarbon line, soft plastics, spare live bait jigs or any zip lock bags right on the back of any tackle cabinet doors.  

Can also be mounted anywhere round your boat for convenient storage. 

Provided with the net is 4x plastic buttons, 316 SS screws and if you want more storage, as we all do, use the 316 SS screws and washers to add another pocket and double your storage.  

Net Size approx. 300mm L x 200mm H

Tips: 1) It is a must to pre-drill a hole before using any type of screw into plastic.

         2) Pre-drill hole needs to be at least the same depth or deeper than screw length.

         3) Use tape round the drill bit to aid as a depth stop, just be mindful this clogs with swarf so you need to manually remove before doing the next hole.

        4) Avoid using new or newly sharpen drill bits, a used slightly worn bit will not grab as much, Sharp bits have a tendency to pull the drill out of hands and drill too deep.