How will I know what is happening with my order?

Plaztek's goal is to keep you informed through the order process, you will receive emails letting you know your order status. Also, we now include tracking information for all our product shipments.  


Where do you ship to?

Our automated shipping calculator is based for delivery to Australia, New Zealand and other South Pacific nations.  We ship worldwide but are limited to products under one metre x one metre based on a weight of 20 kilograms or less.  


How long does it take till I receive my goods?

As a general rule, please expect your goods to arrive 5-7 working days after receiving your order has shipped email from us.

A lot of the resulting time will depend on the shipping method you choose.  Keep an eye on your Parcel Tracking.


How can I Calculate Shipping without putting in all my details?

Select your products and any available options, click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart”.  You will see on the left hand side  “Estimate Shipping & Tax”.



Are your products Australian made?

Yes, we manufacture here in Australia Queensland. However we also provide some secondary sale items eg. Ceramic Knives and Scissors that are imported. 


Can you make a product from my own design?

Yes, we can work with you on your project, either from sketches or your own Cad files.


Are your products made to order?


Although, most of our fishing tool holders, fishing accessories, gunnel rod/pole storage and drink holders are able to be quickly assembled, we can send most of these out 1 to 2 days after we receive notification of payment.

Please allow 2 to 3 days production time for single boat drawers, glove boxes, fire extinguisher holders and hatches. 3 to 4 days for the slide out tackle storage and the small combos.

Then there is the big stuff.  We do require 5 to 7 days to manufacture esky seat boxes, bait boards with drawers & defrost bins, tackle cabinets etc.

The above is only a guideline, so if you are concerned, please call or email.


How to Leave us a Note when Ordering?

Once you’ve finished choosing your options, click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart”.  In here you can calculate your shipping without having to put in all your details and also leave us a “Note”.  The note is handy when letting us know if you’ve chosen the wrong colour or need to tell us the length of your Bait Board Ruler.


What types of HDPE & PP do you use?

Like all good businesses we like to be progressive in the products we sell and the materials we use.

For example, the 12mm black, oyster grey & off-white sheets used to manufacture our tackle storage components, storage drawers etc is made from recycled HDPE & PP.  It has a less dense core with a solid embossed outer skin.  What this means is, the edges aren't as smooth as some of the non-recycled plastics but is far lighter and maintains its UV Stability, Mould Resistance etc.

Helping the Environment, whether small or large, is a wonderful thing.

BoatBoard by King Starboard® is our Standard board we use, PDF Here

Although, we would like to point out that the HDPE found in our Filleting & Bait Board inserts is approved for food applications (it is the same plastic used for making chopping boards).

Please refer to our FAQ "What is HDPE & PP?"


What is HDPE & PP?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic made from material that can be melted and reformed.  It is rugged, flexible and durable with a high strength-to-density ratio.

Type 2 HDPE recycled plastic are considered Eco-Friendly and are recyclable at the end of their useful life. HDPE plastic is the most environmentally stable of all plastics giving off no harmful fumes into the environment.

HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or during its use by the consumer.  Also, HDPE leaks no toxic chemicals into the soil or water.


Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer that is recognised for its strength, stiffness and resistance to heat.  This plastic can be co-polymerised to increase its strength and durability.  It is generally used in products that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Type 5 PP is recyclable and considered safe.

PP does not present stress-cracking problems and offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance at higher temperatures.  While the properties of PP are similar to those of Polyethylene, there are specific differences.  These include a lower density, high softening point (PP doesn't melt below 160 degrees celsius, Polyethylene, a more common plastic, will anneal at around 100 degrees celsius) and higher rigidity and hardness.  Additives are applied to all commercially produced polypropylene resins to protect the polymer during processing and to enhance end-use performance.


Do you dropship your products?

No, our products are made here in Australia. Some of our secondary sale items are imported, though they are shipped to our manufacturing base here in Australia first.