Boat Gunnel Rod/Pole Storage

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Plaztek Boat Gunnel  Rod Storage holds 3 Rods or poles with a diameter of 22mm
Plaztek Gunnel Storage Pocket for Boat OutfittingPlaztek Custom Boat Gunnel Storage Pocket
Plaztek Boat Gaff Holders Gunnel mount for Fishing and Boat Tool HoldersPlaztek Gaff Holders Gunnel mount for Fishing and Boat Tool Holders, Diamond head Hook
Plaztek Fishing and Boat Tool Holder for Fishing Gaffs, Tag poles, Bill fish Snooters, Fishing rods and many more, pictured in white/white colour, hold up to 30mm diameterPlaztek Fishing and Boat Rod Holder for Gunnel storage , hods up to 30mm diameter rod or pole, pictured in white/white
Plaztek Gunnel Fishing Rod Holder Hook is adjustable to suit your fishing storage  needs and Gunnel size, pictured in white, mounts with the aluminium trackBoat Rod/Pole Storage Adjustable Hook
Track for adjustable Boat rod/pole storage, comes in 3 sizes 300mm, 400mm and 500mm
Plaztek Gunnel Sinker Boxes for your fishing tackle storagePlaztek Gunnel Storage Boxes for fishing tackle

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