Custom tackle tray insert with 4 large drawers. Holds 7 Plano 3700 series tackle trays. Made in Australia
Plaztek custom tackle tray insert. SS 316 piano hinge on the long side with SS 316 non-locking latch. Made in Australia
Plaztek custom tackle tray storage with 4 drawers. Single door open showing 7 Plano trays and 4 drawers on the bottom. Made in black King StarBoard.
custom built tackle tray cabinet. Side view showing the 400mm deep cabinet. Made in King StarBoard.

Boat Tackle Tray Cabinet & 4 Drawers

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage


Plaztek Boat Tackle Tray Cabinet and 4 Drawers, combine Tackle Tray Storage and Drawers for the ultimate Rigging insert. Holds 7 x Plano Tackle Trays, 3 x deep and 4 x std 3700 Series Rustrictor. This cabinet not only holds Plano trays but has 4 large drawers to stow even more tackle like lure rolls, teasers, and other bulkier items. We have installed 316 SS ball bearing slides to each drawer. Hinges on full length SS (316) piano hinge and closes on marine grade foam rubber seal keeping water out noise and vibration low.

Latches: Comes standard with our durable Black Plastic Lockable Latch or choose from 316 SS Slam Style Non-Locking or Locking Latch.

Choice of King StarBoard Marine Board Colours White/White, Arctic White, Seafoam, Dolphin Grey or Black.

Marine Boards are almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant.

Shipping Information

OA  479mmW x 1224mmH 

CO  435mmW x 1180mmH x 400mmD

Tackle Trays are for Display Purposes Only

Weight- 54kg