Plaztek boat tackle tray and 4 drawer combo. Fitted with Stainless Steel  316 latches and hinge. Made in White/White King StarBoard.
Boat tackle tray with 4 drawers. Both doors open showing 7 Plano tackle trays. Made in Australia.
Boat SAL (Standalone) combo. 3 large and one medium drawer running on ball bearing slides. Made with pride in Australia.
Plaztek custom made tackle storage units. Door open showing double leader holder installed behind the door. Made with King StarBoard.
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Boat Tackle Cabinet | SAL

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage 

Plaztek Custom made SAL (Standalone) tackle storage unit. This SAL offers 2 banks of storage including built-in tackle tray storage and 4 deep drawers. The Fishing Tackle Tray bank of the unit will take Plano 3700 Series Tackle Trays - 4 x STD and 3 x Deep. The left hand bank has 4 large drawers offering even more bulk storage.

Utilizing the free space in behind the doors we have installed a multi-tool holder so that you can store your knives, lip grippers, and other essential items that are used for fishing. On the other door is and a double leader holder making this a complete combo all in the one cabinet. S/S Ball Bearing slides have been fitted to this unit, Black Locking Latches come standard or take a look at the S/S option that was fitted to this unit.

Colours: King StarBoard Premium Marine Polymer Board, White/White, Arctic White, Seafoam, Dolphin Gray and Black.

King StarBoard is almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant. 

Plano trays, multi-tool holder, and double leader holder are for illustration purposes only.

Shipping Information

Dim: 770mmW x 680mmH x 530mmD

Unit Weight: 67Kg