Boat Storage Tackle Cabinet with Fridge cut out. Made from White/White King StarBoard.
Boat tackle storage cabinet side view showing the Plano Edge storage trays. Made in Australia using King StarBoard.
Custom made 10 drawer boat storage cabinet with 12v Isotherm fridge insert. Made in Australia
12v Isotherm fridge insert with heat vents cut in to allow heat to escape. Australian made.
White/Whiter King Starboard is used to construct this Boat Storage Cabinet. Made in Australia.
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Boat Storage Cabinet |10 Drawers Combo With Fridge Insert

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage

Plaztek-Boat  Storage Cabinet,10 Drawers, 3 Tackle Tray Storage, Landing Shelf and Fridge Combo. Take a look at the latest Boat Outfitting Storage Cabinet using King StarBoard® that we have just created. A total of 10 drawers will house just about anything from Fishing Tackle, tools and even a rubbish bin.

Designed to hold 3x STD 3700 Series Tackle Trays and with a landing shelf will take care of your Tackle Storage needs. The bottom middle drawer is where the bin lives Starboard side  we have another XL drawer to  house cooking equipment like air fryers, kettles  and other larger cooking items. Utensils and other Galley needs can be stowed across the 7 small to large drawers. What makes this cabinet so unique is that a fridge insert to house an Isotherm fridge has been installed along with vent cutouts to reduce the heat built up around a fridge.

Comes standard with our durable Black Plastic Lockable Latches or choose from 316 SS Slam Style Non-Locking or Locking Latches. Non locking 316 S/S latches have been fitted to this cabinet. Choose from Maintenance free slides or S/S 316 Ball Bearing slides.

Great Value, Boat Tackle Storage. Yes, you can combine differing tackle tray storage sizes to make a Custom Tackle Cabinet System depending on the length and height  you have to fill, the choice is yours for custom boat outfitting. Our products are made here in Australia Contact Us for pricing.

Please Note, mounting hardware is not supplied, you will need fixings to suit the material to be mounted on.

Marine Boards are almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant.                                                                                                            

Shipping Information

OA Dim. 900mmH x 1250mmW x 450mmD.

Please note fridge height OA is 1473mmH

Weight. 120Kg