Boat seat box with 76l cooler, 3 drawers and side mounted folding shelf. Made in White/White King StarBoard.
Custom made boat seat box with built in cooler. The 3 drawers run on SS ball bearing slides and has SS locking latches. Made in Australia
Plaztek made custom boat seat box with folding side shelf. Cooler is 76L and is fully insulated. 100% Australian Made By Plaztek.
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Boat Seat Box | 3 Drawer With 76L Cooler | Folding Shelf

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage


Plaztek Boat Seat Box with Cooler and Folding Side Shelf offers some awesome features in this one cool Seat Boat. Limited for space? Do you keep moving your cooler and gear around the boat? Well here at Plaztek we have the answer. This new Boat Seat Box now has a 76L cooler, 3 large drawers and a folding side shelf. Having all 4 items combined will increase your deck space offering more room while fishing and enjoying the time on the water.

Lift the lid on the other end of the seat box to a 76L cooler. Using 25mm thick EPS insulated walls along with the King StarBoard®this will keep your food and drinks cold all day long. 

The 3 drawers can be used to stow items like tackle trays, action cameras, maps, or other vital safety equipment giving you ample storage. This Boat Seat Box has a handy folding shelf so when you are packing or unpacking the cooler you can use the shelf for placing items on it.

King StarBoard® Marine Boards are used offering almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot or swell nor delaminate, are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant. Contact  Us.

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Dim: 900mmW x 600mmH x 513mmD

Weight: 69Kg