Plaztek Vertical Boat Rod Storage holds 4 rods including spin, & baitcaster fishing rods. Made in Australia.
Custom vertical rod storage is design to be installed over most common side pocket found in alloy boats. Made in White/White King StarBoard.
Vertical Boat Rod Storage showing the side view and the Hook Over system for mounting. Made in Australia
Vertical fishing rod storage for your boat, designed to hold firm regardless of grip thickness
Plaztek Vertical Fishing Rod Storage for your boat, simply hook over your pocket, holds 4x boat rods, pictured in the colour black.
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Boat Vertical Rod Storage | Hook Over White

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           Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage


Plaztek Boat Vertical Rod Storage, design to hold 4 fishing rods securely in place while under way on the water. This simple but effective boat rod storage just hooks over the rail on your gunnel pockets /side pockets on most common alloy boats. 

The Hook Over design firmly grips on varying side pocket rails from 19mm right up to 30mm square. Includes a marine grade shock cord for wild weather, ensuring your gear is safe even in the worst of conditions.

If you need to remove this from the boat or just want to swap it around in different locations, there are two handles on each side making it a simple task. The distance from the top of the hook (19mmW) to the base of the rack is 235mm. 

Holds 4 fishing rods and is well suited for spin and overhead baitcasters, any butt length will work, a unique clip insert can be used when no grip/handle is there on stepped rod butt grips.  

Marine Boards are almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant.

OA- 500mmW x 358mmH x 140mmD

Shipping Weight- 2.2kg