Welcome to Plaztek,

We are a family based business situated in our beautiful Sunshine Coast Region. We have enjoyed growing up here with access to some of the best Camping and Fishing destinations. Personally, my father taught me to fish on our yearly trip to Fraser Island, fishing the beach gutters and the rocky headlands, learning how to catch our own bait and looking after the areas we have come to enjoy. It is with these memories still resonating within me today that started the foundation for our new business Plaztek, a online Boat Accessory suppleir. It's about getting back to the things we enjoy doing and doing them together.

Plaztek’s core values stem from our longtime family business in Development and Construction on the Sunshine Coast. From many years in developing and construction, a personal passion evolved for Cad design, which has made for an easy transition in to 3D modelling with the capability to run engineering simulations on products. All our designs are done in-house and have direct CNC router access, which in turn keeps the costs down for our clientele.

Our mission is to overachieve our customers expectations and deliver Boat Outfitting products or solutions that have meticulous resolved design, which ensures its longevity and enjoyment.

We believe our ability to add value to an industry we take part in, is a pleasure we wish to share with our customers.

Please take the time to have a look around our Store, visit our All Collections page.