King Starboard®️XL Extra Light 12.7mm


King StarBoard XL is 100% virgin polymer, marine-grade cellular material with an excellent surface finish that looks good enough to use in high-visibility applications where structural strength and a finished edge are not important.

King StarBoard XL sheets are up to 30% lighter in weight than King StarBoard® and are made with the same textured surface and colours for a perfect match.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of StarBoard® XL Marine Board:

Unique (closed-cell) cellular marine-grade sheet.

Weighs up to 30% less with the same surface finish as King StarBoard.®
Ideal for fabricating any boat part where high structural strength or a finished edge is not required.

Precise tolerances ensure consistent colour, thickness and density
Holds staples and screws securely.
Environmentally stabilised for harsh sun and tough marine environments.
Will not rot, swell, splinter or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water.
Resists odour, even in wet environments.
Easy to clean and never needs refinishing.
Matte-textured finish on both sides.
Easy to fabricate using standard woodworking tools.
Available in eight standard King StarBoard colours to match or accent any gelcoat.

Forms easily for smooth curves.
Available in large sheets
Shipped with a protective masking on one side.



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