Plaztek Essential Combo Deals Pack #3 Double knife with plirer holder, yabby pump holder and double drink holder. Made in Australia using King StarBoard.

Plaztek Essential Combo Pack#3

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                  Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage

Yo-Ho-Ho jump onboard and jag some treasure for a limited time only.

Ahoy there! Take a look at this me fellow Captains and snag a deal from Plaztek. Keep your knife and pliers stowed away from your "First Mate" in this multi-tool holder.  Captain Brendan keeps kicking that much loved Rum over when on the high seas. Well not anymore as you can now put it in the single drink holder so that your "First Mate" won't kick it over keeping it safe and secure. Now it's at hands reach so you can take a swig without the Captain Brendan knowing. AAAGGGRRR yabby pumps are always just kicking around the ship's floor. Not anymore with this must have 50mm yabby pump holder. Keep the ship "Ship Shape" with custom ideas from Plaztek. No more" Walking The Plank" with Plaztek's ideas.


Tools not included.