Bull Bar Rod Holder with Adjustable Angle


Plaztek Adjustable Angle Bull Bar Rod Holder is easy and quick to fit, will not damage paint, can adjust to suit, keep rods straight up left side and control where your rod tips land. Over 25 Degree Adjustment.

The clamp has a large surface area for superior grip and there is no need to protect the Bull Bar surface from marring with this clamp.

Fitting couldn’t be simpler, 2 Stainless Steel bolts provided in each clamp, the Stainless Steel threaded inserts are pre-installed for you, just wind the bolts in and you are done.

Really it is the best thing since sliced bread. If you need a reason Why, it’s because your Bar deserves Better.

Made from HDPE all fixtures are Stainless Steel (316).

Marine Boards are almost indestructible; lightweight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant.

The Eco Black Board is also 100% recycled HDPE.


Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage


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