Marine Solutions

Plaztek Marine Solutions is where we can play a role in your consultancy team. Working with Architects, Structural Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers and more, has been a big part of our past and we are very familiar with working within a team to achieve the best possible result for the client.

We offer an innovative design solution for a large array of situations, including non-slip all weather flooring system, storage devices, access hatches, custom dash panels, liquid storage tanks, structural stands & racks for machinery rooms and all types of brackets & holders to suit your desired outcome.

Starting from our Cad Modelling and Simulations, we review internally on a peer to peer basis to end up with a resolved design. Then straight to our in-house CNC router for professionally cut parts with exceptional machine finish.

We have a vast range of materials we can access including Engineering plastics that meet "DVS" standards for structural welding. Our team are trained and certified to weld using extruder welders and hot air guns.

If you are an Australian manufacturer in the boating, caravan, camping or RV industries and you are after a unique plastic solution or a all weather non-slip flooring system please contact us. We are only too happy to help and we enjoy a Challenge! Please have a look around our products below.



think kitchen brand
robins kitchen brand
eikos coneils brand
supor brand
cilicone brand
tomkin brand


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