Mounting Blocks | Large
Mounting Blocks | Large
Mounting Blocks | Large
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Mounting Blocks | Large

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage

Large 250mmx120mmx19mm thick, King StarBoard® Mounting Blocks for your Boat Fit-Out. No need for screws or holes in your Transom or any other part of your pride and joy. Mount your Transducer, Speed Probe, Battery Switches, Fuel Filters, and lots more. DON'T FORGET TO CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR!

The milled T slot provides 2 square shoulders with great surface area for a superior  mechanical bond. Simply overfill slot with structural polyurethane marine adhesive (Brands like Sika, 3M and Bostik) also place dollop in middle and allow to spread into groves when compressed on to surface.

The only way this block can come off is if you have not prepped your boats surface, follow the directions on the adhesive you are using and prep your boat surface to suit, an alcohol wipe should be used to remove any oil residue from your skin from handling the Mounting Block.  

Will help eliminate Galvanic corrosion in Aluminium Boats caused by incompatible metals and best of all it can be removed by slicing with your fishing wire trace, slide back and forth while applying pressure; will leave no marring of surface to be patched.

Tips: 1) It is a must to pre-drill a hole before using any type of screw into plastic.

         2) Pre-drill hole needs to be at least the same depth or deeper than screw length.

         3) Use white paint marker on drill bit to aid in depth you are to drill, you do not want to drill too deep and mark your boat, you can use tape round drill bit as well, just be mindful this clogs with swarf so you need to manually remove as you drill deeper.

        4) Avoid using new or newly sharpen drill bits, a used slightly worn bit will not grab as much, Sharp bits have a tendency to pull the drill out of hands and drill too deep.

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Dim: 250mm x 120mm x 19mm