Plaztek Bait Board Live well holds 30 odd litres, with built in overflow drain
Custom Bait Boards from Plaztek Australian made to your size
Plaztek Bait Board Live Well rear view with black tank, holds 30 odd litres of water with built in overflow drain
Bait Board Live Well⎪Ocean Whaler
Bait Board Live Well⎪Ocean Whaler

Bait Board Live Well⎪Ocean Whaler

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Plaztek Boat Tackle Storage

Plaztek Bait Board with Live Well, OA of 765mm Long and 365mm Wide holds 30 odd litres, has built in overflow from tank, which runs into the Gutter at the rear and can be plumbed with a 25mm hose. Has 2x lids to access to Tank in cutting board. Keeping everything close at hand ensuring minimal fuss.

You can choose colour of acrylic tank to your preference.

Yes, this is a Custom built Bait Board, design to fit within a unique frame to suit boat transom. We can adjust this design to your mounting options for your Boat, Please reach out to discuss.

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Marine Boards are almost indestructible; light weight, waterproof, will never rot and swell nor delaminate. Are UV stable in the harshest environment and is chemical and mould resistant.

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